Let us share a little about ourselves...

Bellaterra Ranch, founded in 2001, is a family owned and operated ranch spread out over two picturesque farms located in historic Franklin, TN.  Our wine making is done in California, where grapes are sourced from highly respected vineyards and bottled at Bellaterra Ranch in Sonoma to produce rich, balanced Bellaterra wines with structure and depth to age gracefully. All of our cigars are produced in Nicaragua, made from cuban seed tobacco grown all over Central America. Providing the "finest things in life" is our passion, livestock is our peaceful therapy; livestock breeding is conducted in Tennessee where the weather and pasture growth is best for horses and longhorn cattle. 

Bellaterra, beautiful earth, is the name of our 30 acre farm that fulfilled our dreams of creating a wonderful family life surrounded by horses, cattle and great wine. On the ranch we breed livestock with gentle dispositions and world class conformation. Our horses and cattle bring great joy and peace to our lives (as they will to yours too).

Our affection for wine started over 30 years ago when Mike spent time in the wine cellar with Catherine's grandfather, an Italian wine maker, learning his craft. It was her grandfather, Dominic, who gave Catherine the stamp of approval to begin courting Mike when Grandpa approved and said "he's a  good a boy!" in his strong Italian accent. While continuing to date through college, Mike also worked in a wine warehouse during the offseason of baseball. 


After more than 40 trips to Napa/Sonoma during our marriage, finally Bellaterra Wine was created.  Cigars were a natural progression because the entire family enjoys them. Our wine customers asked us to create cigars that compliment wine (although it didn't take much to convince us)...after three years of intense research and blind smoke tests, the first Bellaterra cigar was born.  Over the years, hardwork, love and passion have blessed our family and now the same traits bless our wine, cigars and our livestock. 

"Our family is a circle of strength and love…Every joy shared adds more love…Every crisis faced togetherMakes the circle grow stronger."

As you will see, our wine & cigar making philosophy is heavily influenced by the types of products that we enjoy sharing at our family events. At Bellaterra you will experience wines that are intensely flavored, richly textured, distinct as well as wines that taste great on their own but, when paired with food and a luxurious cigar, have the ability to transform a good meal into something truly memorable. We would be proud to have you share our wine with cherished family and friends. Welcome to our family, welcome to Bellaterra Ranch.  Cheers!


From the Murphy Family
Mike, Catherine, Ryan and Amanda